Up to % Daily ~ % APR in BUSD
% Referral Bonus
% Tax
Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off
Mandatory Compound Feature
% Contract Fee For Early Withdrawals.
Benefits for Quantic Holders:
Up to 1.7% stacking compound bonus when compounding every hrs+ with a max bonus of % based on number of Quantic tokens held.
Extra Referral Bonuses based on the number of Quantic tokens held.
3% of the tax will be used to buy back Quantic token.
Partnership Bonuses for Projects:
Extra Stacking Compound bonuses for all holders of Partnership token
Extra Referral Bonuses for all holders of Partnership token
100% of Initial Partnership Agreement Cost will go into contract and will remain untouchable.
Partnership Token can use referral bonuses to buyback/market their token
To enable this function Investors will need an initial deposit of 500 BUSD or greater.
Investors that qualifies can enable/disable automation at any time.
Investors that qualifies can choose compound intervals between 4 and 24 (suggest to choose 12-24 to receive stacking Quantic/Partnership bonuses)
Automation will follow 6+1 Strategy. Compound for 6 days and claim on 7th day. ALL Automatic.
Automation fee of 1% per compound/claim
Total BUSD Locked -
Total Deposit Count -
Total Partnerships -

Your Dashboard

Initial Deposit - BUSD
Total Deposit - BUSD
Total Claimed - BUSD
Referral Rewards (-) - BUSD
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100 BUSD gets you:
Qubics: 0
Daily: 0 BUSD
Wallet 0 BUSD
1. Approve BUSD (0 BUSD approved)
2. Deposit BUSD (min 0, max 0)
3. Automate every (min 4, max 24) hours
- Rewards
Estimated daily yield:
Rewards will be full in:
0% Bonus from Quantic
0% Bonus from Partnership
Compound Count: - Times
Time until next compound bonus is activated:
Referrer Address Your Referral Link -
Earn -% of every buy when someone uses your referral link!
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